The little army always wins...

Murphy Locus – Small light weight armored assault tank.
Two soldiers control the central navigational system as well as armaments. Multiple canon systems with four total canons.
Two front canons with 360 degree delivery radius. Two rear canons with a 196 degree delivery positions. Equipped with an optional microwave minesweeper and optional caissons for additional fuel and ammo. As many as three additional caissons can be hitched.
The caissons are powered with synchronization systems to the tanks main engine. The two main front canons are also mounted on a turret that can elevate an additional twenty-four inches in height.
Thus allowing the main body of the vehicle to hide behind natural terrane or barriers.

Multiple fuel sources in hybrid flexible petroleum, electrical, atomic, bio-fuels, diesel, hydrogen and ammonia based systems.

Canons equipped with silencers and mobility tracks with rubber jell jointed fittings for the lowest noise operation of any weapon system.

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